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Easily Align Contract Terms and Invoices

ContractURL streamlines contract invoicing management tasks and simplifies all aspects of contract monitoring, easing the burden for contract managers and approvers.

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There’s a lot going on in your daily role. Let us simplify it.

Contract managers and approvers can get tangled up in the busywork of contract monitoring while trying to align proofs for payment and ensuring contract terms and rates are accurately reflected in invoices and supporting documentation. With ContractURL, reporting requirements, rates and pre-authorizations are controlled on the contractor’s side, ensuring a clean invoice is received in the approver queues. Furthermore, ContractURL helps streamline operations while reducing the risk for error with:

  • Workflow and allocation tracking for accountability
  • Detailed reports that show all tasks and statuses in real time
  • Ease, convenience and control over multiple simultaneous contracts
  • Organization of supporting documentation for audit trail or justification
  • Elimination of overruns or undocumented approvals
  • Detailed contract terms and rates accurately reflected in invoices
  • Streamlined issue resolution
  • Financial system integration

One platform for all facets of contract management.

As the list of projects, contractors, subcontractors, vendors and suppliers grows, ContractURL makes it simple to manage everything in one place. We reduce the risk of human error and provide detailed data of every aspect of a program. Here’s how we help:

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